Logo "Austin Up"

Creative design studio of Vitalij Reznikov.
Logo "Austin Up"

Logo "Austin Up"

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Short design brief from client:

Create a logo with name - "Austin Up".

AustinUP seeks a logo that reflects the organization's focus and mission. The logo should evoke a feeling of activity, energy and inclusivity.

Our general but not categorical preference is for a logo that is inclusive of and built around the organization’s name, rather than for a separate mark that simply accompanies the AustinUp name. While the use of an “arrow” shape, pointing up, is an obvious and perhaps unavoidable design choice, we’re hoping to see other ideas as well.

The logo should also work as a stand-alone image, but may ultimately be paired with an organizational or event-centric tagline. The logo will be used extensively across a variety of marketing plans, including print and digital, point-of-sale materials, outdoor advertising, and more. One immediate use will be to brand a series of portraits of Austin-area seniors engaged in active lifestyles.


Created logo concept with turn round - one day.

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