Creative design studio of Vitalij Reznikov.


Brochure for TEI conference May 2016

Retractable banner for TEI conference May 2016

Brochure SAP Survey

Epl TOEFL courses flyer

Brochure for conference Ascendas

Brochure Vilano "Paddleboard kits"

Brochure 4panel "Local phone access"

Brochure "Circolo Velico Agno"

Hair Salon Flyer "Back to school" for "Flash & Flare"

Glasses pack flyer

Holiday party invitation flyer for "R.C.of D."

Poster design "Black Tie Ball" Winter Fest 2015

Flyer "Joe Weider Olimpia FITNESS & PERFOMANCE WEEKEND 2016"

Party bus flyer McFadden night club (SanDiego, USA)

Brochure "Property Gate"

Three-page brochure "Invigo - 100 free customers"

Multi-page White Paper "Dell cloud computing"

Four-page brochure "SB Securepass"

Program's board design "LaKademie"

White Paper "Verco mobile apps"

Brochure bilingual "Aarhus culture walk"

Brochure "Thalgo la beauty marine"

Flyer "Pizzeria"

Wedding album page "Alice theme"

Book cover "Bilijardai Game Instruction"

Vintage flyer "Gents and Belles Day party"

Brochure "Stavanger Judoclub"

Brochure "Ontario debt assistance"

3 folded brochure Bilijardai

Brochure "FrameSolid Proposal"

Quadrocopter 4page brochure

Book "10 Questions" (20 pages created in Indesign)

Binder design "Worthington"

Mailer brochure design "Boro Insurance Starlife Partners 2015 sales contest"

Catalogue cover "Santa Settings - Christmas 2015" for "Classic Displays"

Industrial brochure "Petrogas Systems Inc. - ACME steel fabrication"

Poster "Borgherophotographie"

Book cover "Usd exempt entity is a key"

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