Technical illustration "Aeration tank"

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Technical illustration "Aeration tank"

Technical illustration "Aeration tank"

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Short design brief from client:

I would like to have an illustration created of our Aerobic septic system; to be used in a brochure. The purpose of the illustration is so that prospective buyers can get a understanding of how system works. A aerobic septic works much like a city sewer treatment plant but on a much smaller scale. Systems are designed to accommodate single family homes in rural areas where city sewer is not available. The system consist of four separate chambers:

1. First Chamber is called the trash tank, this tank collects untreated waste water coming in from home. It is often referred to as black water so the illustration will need to reflect this with dark untreated effluent.
2. Second chamber is called Aerobic chamber, this tank has an air line that runs down to bottom of tank. Air is introduced into tank from a small air pump that sits on top of tank. Air comes out of two diffusers, much like a fish tank, creating microscopic bubbles. The aeration of the tank produces an environment for aerobic bacteria which cleans the effluent. Illustration will need to reflect the aeration and a lighter color, due to the water starting to be cleaned.
3. Third chamber is called the clarifying tank, there is not aeration in this tank, after the effluent is treated it flows into this tank where any fine partials settle out and are returned to aeration tank for further treatment. Illustration will need to reflect clean water in all but the very bottom portion. The bottom of picture will need to show settling and the return to aeration chamber at bottom.
4. Fourth chamber is called pump tank, this tank has effluent that has been completely treated and is ready to be returned to lawn through sprinkler irrigation. Illustration will need to show the water pump in tank with three floats attached (floats turn pump on and off), water level in this tank only comes up as high as the bottom of the lowest float, water color should reflect clean blue water.

Additional notes:

I have included a sample of one of my competitor’s brochure so you can get a better understanding of what I'm wanting. The main issue I have with the sample drawing is that I do not not feel it reflects the aeration of the second chamber very well. On our illustration I would like to try to do a better job showing the microscopic bubbles and the aeration of this tank.

Illustration does not need to show any measurements or dimensions I only want to try to show how the effluent flows through the tank and the water goes from untreated to clean.

Tank lids, control panel and piping will need to be added to top of tank, I will provide our tank spec sheet for you to use as a templet and a marked up sheet to help you get an understanding of what I want. Also, possibly showing a layer of grass on top of tank similar to sample. I will leave this up to illustrator’s discretion.


Created colorized technical illustration design for Aerobic septic system for use in brochure (in Adobe Illustrator CC) with turn round - ~three days.

Feedback from client:

What impressed me with this designer is that after telling him the changes I wanted made, he was very receptive to my ideals. He started completely over and did exactly what I was asked for and his final design turn out great; exceeding my expectations.

I would absolutely use him again. A big 5 stars!!!


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