Creative design studio of Vitalij Reznikov.


Brochure for TEI conference May 2016

Retractable banner for TEI conference May 2016

Brochure SAP Survey

Epl TOEFL courses flyer

Brochure for conference Ascendas

Brochure Vilano "Paddleboard kits"

Brochure 4panel "Local phone access"

Brochure "Circolo Velico Agno"

Hair Salon Flyer "Back to school" for "Flash & Flare"

Glasses pack flyer

Holiday party invitation flyer for "R.C.of D."

Poster design "Black Tie Ball" Winter Fest 2015

Flyer "Joe Weider Olimpia FITNESS & PERFOMANCE WEEKEND 2016"

Party bus flyer McFadden night club (SanDiego, USA)

Brochure "Property Gate"

Three-page brochure "Invigo - 100 free customers"

Multi-page White Paper "Dell cloud computing"

Four-page brochure "SB Securepass"

Program's board design "LaKademie"

White Paper "Verco mobile apps"

Brochure bilingual "Aarhus culture walk"

Brochure "Thalgo la beauty marine"

Flyer "Pizzeria"

Wedding album page "Alice theme"

Book cover "Bilijardai Game Instruction"

Vintage flyer "Gents and Belles Day party"

Brochure "Stavanger Judoclub"

Brochure "Ontario debt assistance"

3 folded brochure Bilijardai

Brochure "FrameSolid Proposal"

Quadrocopter 4page brochure

Book "10 Questions" (20 pages created in Indesign)

Binder design "Worthington"

Mailer brochure design "Boro Insurance Starlife Partners 2015 sales contest"

Catalogue cover "Santa Settings - Christmas 2015" for "Classic Displays"

Industrial brochure "Petrogas Systems Inc. - ACME steel fabrication"

Poster "Borgherophotographie"

Book cover "Usd exempt entity is a key"

Hockey stick design Arrow AX1

Real estate "Colorized Subdivision Lot Map"

Technical illustration "Aeration tank"

Ipad diagram illustration

Cutaway diagram for lift base

Illustration "Starred Owl"

Hockey stick design in Pantone colors

Sailboat Plan & Elevation Vector Drawing "Catalina 27" yaht

Wine sheet "Valentine wine"

Label "Bespoke Sports Nutrition"

Label "Circuit breaker"

Box design "Magnifying glass "Tech Affect"

Pvc brush packaging "Yashi"

Flat logo design "Designer VIP"

Logo "Vilano" Paddleboard kits vectorization

Logo "Rozella Ford Golf Club"


Logo "San Diego Real Estate Leads"

Logo "Austin Up"

Logo "Automotive Wheels"

Logo "Ne Juice"


Logo "B&M" company

Logo "Monii.com"

Logo "Elses patchwork"

Logo "Fun Global Adventures"

Logo "Publication seal"

Logo "Capsula Films"

Logo "From the mind of"

Logo "Sushi Milano"

Logo "Map Global"

Logo "Terra Nova Metals"

Logo "Malouw"

Logo "Post Game Fashion"

Logo "Butique"

Logo "Dog medal"

Logo "A7 Car Wash Galashiels"

Logo "Integrated Martial Arts Seattle"

Logo "ETB Portal"

Logo "Social Sam"

Logo "Peak Loyalty"

Logo "Cameras and coathangers"

Logo "Bubble letters Woman Chronicles"

Logo "Fast Fable"

Logo "Flooring Pro"

Logo "Benchmark Resourcing"

Logo "Head Match"

Logo/icon "White eye"

Logo/icon "Pencil"

Logo "International citizens"

Logo "Beauty Center Thailand"

Logo "African Safari"

Logo "Swedgen Veg"

Logo "356 Speedster South Africa"

Logo "Kenny Bowers Photography"

Logo "BBX London Cleaning"

Logo "Chopbloxs"

Logo "Logic 2 health"

Logo "Milano Sushi"

Night club logo design Fox

Alcohol logo design Old Johns wine

Logo "KingZari"

Logo "Neon Zoo"

Infographic "How money works"

Rollup banner "50% offer from Hair salon"

Trade show banner "Testosterone level test"

Menu "Pizza Stop"

Poster Bowman Asphalt Inc.

Gift sertificate "Milano sushi"

Gift voucher design Spa Beautiful

Resume "C. F." (recreated in Adobe Indesign)

Gift card fitness club "You are best"

Business card "Efes Grill"

Business card "Free Fly"

Thank you card "Edvantageous"

Law flyer "Attorneys Anastacio De La Cruz"

Clipping mask for "Handbag" photo for online store

Business card "Gossman Inc."

Postcard "Be Cool"

Clipping mask/white background for "Jewerly ring"

Bar door glass mirror design "Craggy's Bar"

Two-page fillable brochure "The Apartment Medellin"

Intelligent fillable form

T-shirt "Girl Ice bucket"

T-shirt "Cheese rolling"

T-shirt "Girl plankton"

T-shirt "Soft Ball"

T-shirt "I shoot people"

Nine patch png for game "What word"

Web-banner "Nolato Compaterm thermal gap filler"

Web banner "Greys college"

Web banner "USA Vein Clinic"

Web banner "Foursquare"

Facebook Ad "Business insurance"

Web header "Ocean"

Amazon product images - Equipment for disco

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