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Billing information and payment requisites

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Question: How the new customer/client can proceed with payment for any design job?

Answer: We can send all billing information and payment requisites upon request via e-mail.

Please, ask for them via our contacts.

Simple way to send money for any design job is Skrill Global Payment System.

If you not have Skrill account do following:

- register and create new own account on Skrill website via this link:

- login into newly created Skrill account and attach your credit card to this account

- proceed with your card verification in Setting account area

- after confirmed credit card verification, choose option "Send money" for make payment for design

Note: Small fee (1% from payment) will be charged by Skrill system when you sending money from your Skrill account into our.

All process "How to add credit card to Skrill account" showed on screenshots:

skrill add card

Add Bank Account and card to Skrill

send money skrill

send money to

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