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Jan 26
Published in Some about design

Illustrations for children's books


Children's books: the whole world for a child

Books for children, no matter for how old they are and from a fairy tale or whether it works in other genres - is not just text or interesting stories, and a magical world, plunging into which the child falls into an exciting adventure and, quietly to himself, learns enormous variety of things.

He learns to read and correctly be phrases in the text for it new names and descriptions, learns about different situations and ponders how in such situations, it would be right to do ...

To the child was even more interesting and easier to read the book "dive" into the world of fantasy author for a book to do a number of bright, very beautiful and appropriate to the age of the reader (or listener) illustrations.


Jan 26
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Some about phone case design

phone case design1

Mobile phone case: the protection, image and beauty

Originally covers for mobile phones offered to buyers in order to enable them to protect their gadgets from the environment - so they do not scratch, do not crash, but that was not significantly dampen the signal from the phone when you call on him and feel the vibration, if it there is.

Over time, this feature has become a complement, allows you to carry your phone with the convenience for its owner. As a result, began to appear a variety of cords, tightening fasteners, as well as additional, having no function, decorative elements.

Gradually design covers for mobile phones has become a real art.



Jan 26
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Coloring books for children

hatchet-marlin-fish-hm0001 (coloring for kids) 

Coloring book - an exciting experience for the child

If you have never given your child "possession" coloring book and crayons or paints to paint "empty" image - do it and you will see how to light up the eyes of your younger tomboy or a girly mileyshey.

The child does not know what an interesting lesson for him - coloring pictures - it's not just entertainment, but a real learning.

Jan 24
Published in Some about design

Some about E-book design


Table Of Contents:

• What is the "e-book"

• Design solutions eBooks

- Illustrations and Cover
- Design of pages e-book
- Multimedia edition

• What do I need to order the e-book design

- txt
- Images
- concept

Jan 10
Published in Client's feedback

Feedback from client: Richard Kingston, Escondido, USA

Logo is perfect.


I also use you in the future.

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