1. Create idea

Creative design studio of Vitalij Reznikov.
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Generation idea for creating final design product.

This is first stage of any design job and usually includes few elements:

  • Thinking about purpose/goal, shortly - "What I/we want?"
  • Individual or team brainstorming - "How solve/realize it?"
  • Analyzing received ideas/methods - "What is a best?"

Note: For consideration of your order, you need:

1. Describe your design task (brief - or "What you need to do") or fill forms (located on this site in menu "Make order").

2. After accepting your task info and files/materials we must agree on entry payment (small prepaid for start) and budget of the whole project.

3. When we receiving entry payment from you, design project can be started within agreed deadline.

So, moving to next stage...

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